The Women’s Network for Unity was founded at the end of 2002 by over 160 male, transgender, lesbian and heterosexual female sex workers with its first election to recruit seven secretariat members to work on behalf of WNU. WNU has been registered with the Ministry of Interior since June 2004 (see Annex 1), aims to become a union with 5000 members. Over several terms, a nine member secretariat has been elected as a governance body and 33 team leaders have been elected to implement activities in 8 of 13 provinces and in Phnom Penh municipality. Currently, WNU found the hierarchy structure as having attached in Annex 1. WNU promotes the human rights and civil liberties of sex workers and calls for recognition their rights as workers to earn a livelihood free from exploitation and oppression. WNU also works to build networks capable of promoting dignity and justice for sex workers and of combating all forms of violence (including human trafficking), discrimination and HIV infection.


Sex Workers Have Full Human Rights in a Society Free of Violence and Freedom from Exploitation and Human Trafficking.


To strengthen sex workers network to advocate for the greater participation in program, policy and law development related to sex work
that will give them greater access to social services, and freedom from
violence and discrimination.

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